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 Preview Guerriers du Chaos

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Dieu Suprême

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MessageSujet: Preview Guerriers du Chaos   Sam 13 Sep à 9:50

De bien belles figs, me semble-t-il.
Si vous en avez d'autres n'hesitez pas a les poster ici!

Et pour ceux qui ont envie de traduire...

How does this list combine with the recent Daemons of Chaos list and the Beast of Chaos list (due for an update in 2009)?
The new books are all stand-alone, so there will suppsedly be no option to use the other books. However, certain units and characters from the Beast and Daemon books are appearing in this one as well (ex: Daemon Princes, Chaos Trolls, Dragon Ogres...). Note that although some units from the Beas book has been appearing here, that does not mean that they won't show up in the Beast book. If you want to, compare how the Warhounds were in both the Hordes and Beasts books.

Army special rule
All units in the army can re-roll failed PANIC tests. This applies to all units and is a replacement of the old Mark of Chaos Undivided.

Marks of Chaos
- generally Marks appear to be getting cheaper and the effect is the same on pretty much anything. So a Daemon Prince gets the exact same benefit from the Mark of Khorne as a unit of Marauders. The exceptions are when the rules don't actually work for that model, or would give it a benefit it already had (obviously the standard Mark of Slaanesh would be pointless on a Spawn since it is already Unbreakable).

Mark of Khorne
- Frenzy (though not for Giants)

Mark of Nurgle
- attacking models get a penalty of -1 WS and BS

Mark of Slaanesh
- Immune to Psychology
- Giants and Spawn gain the Always Strike First rule

Mark of Tzeentch
- 6+ Ward save (or +1 to your Ward save if you have one already)
- Wizards also gain a +1 bonus to cast spells

Chaos Gifts
These are in ADDITION to the points a character can spend on magic items, very much like Vampire Powers work. Not know exactly what they do.

Eye of the Gods
There is apparently a table of chaos rewards that characters and units can get to roll on before or during the game. For example Chosen units supposedly start with a roll on this table, while characters supposedly get to roll on it after killing enemies in challenges and if they kill a Large Target. If you include a Warshrine then champions too can benefit from this.
2: Gain Stupidity (no extra effect if you have it already)
3-6: various boosts
7: No effect
8-10: various boosts
11: Gain Fear
11: Gain Terror
12: Stubborn and 4+ Ward save
Duplicate boosts are re-rolled. Effects last for the rest of the battle.

Chaos Magic
There will be separate lores for the mortal followers of Chaos, they will NOT use the Daemon lores from the Daemon book.

Lore of Slaanesh
-Not changed much from the Hordes of Chaos list

Lore of Tzeentch
#6 Unknown name, cast on 15+. Does 2D6 hits at 2D6 Strength. On an 11 or 12 for Strength the unit is removed

Lore of Nurgle
No details


Chaos Lord
- some new metal models (a generic one on steed and a couple of Khornate ones)
- heaps of options

Sorcerer Lord

Daemon Prince
- will (thankfully) remain more useful than Daemon Princes from the Daemonic Legion book
- Marks actually DO something, unlike in the Daemons book



- new metal model for a Sorcerer of Nurgle

Character mounts
- Chaos steed
- Daemonic Steed
- Juggernaut of Khorne
- Steed of Slaanesh
- Disk of Tzeentch
- Palanquin of Nurgle
- Manticore (this was previously presented as a joke, but apparently it is true)
- Chaos Dragon - takes up extra Hero choice

Core units
- there was supposedly a rumoured cultist unit, but that appears to have been incorrect, or possibly mistaken for something else

Chaos Warriors
- the boxed set stays the same for the moment, but there is a new direct order upgrade frame
- all units get Chaos armour, not just Chosen
- normal Warriors get 2 Attacks (but are still "only" WS5)
- 1 point more than in the old book (for a much better stat line)
- presumably all units can get a magic standard

- presumably the boxed set stays the same for the moment
- base cost 1 pt cheaper (not known if they get any more equipment as standard)

Marauder Horsemen
- new plastic set of 5 models
- can get Marks of Chaos
- can re-roll pursuit rolls if they wish

- new plastic boxed set of 10 models
- only unit that does not count towards the minimum number of Core units in the army
- can buy scaly skin and/or poisoned attacks

Special units

Chosen Warriors
- now a separate entry
- Weapon Skill 6, otherwise similar to Warriors
- start the game with a roll on the Eye of the Gods table (sort of like Possessed in 40K)
- new set of metal models with great weapons
- can be given Marks of Chaos

Chaos Knights
- new plastic boxed set of 5 models
- 40 pts each, with stats equivalent to old Chosen Knights (i.e. 2 attacks, and chaos armour), though base S is now 4
- units start with magical weapons that also give them +1 Strength (i.e. 5 total) and may swap these for (non-magical) lances
- cause Fear
- there is no longer any Chosen knights, though normal knights get nastier since they (like the new Warriiors) have the profile of 6th edition Chosen

Chaos Chariot
- new plastic boxed set at some point

Forsaken Warriors
- apparently a unit of Chaos Warriors that are on their way to getting a bit too many mutations for their own good
- Frenzied
- Movement 6, but Weapon skill 4
- D3+1 attacks
- heavy armour only
- Otherwise quite similar to Warriors, and only slightly more expensive.
- They are human-sized guys and come on standard 25 mm square bases. They don't skirmish.

Chaos Ogres
- Get Chaos Armour
- Can be given Marks of Chaos

Chaos Trolls
- base cost 10 points cheaper, but back to 3 attacks
- If they regenerate 2 or more wounds in the same phase they get a roll on the Eye of the Gods table

Dragon Ogres
- now get command options

Rare units

Chaos Giant
- can be given Marks of Chaos

- only take up 1 Rare choice

- still 1-2 per Rare
- Marks have supposedly changed a bit

- better stat line for essentially the same cost
- only take up a single Rare choice, not Rare + Special or Rare + Lord as previously

Chaos Warshrine
- Quite similar to the VC Corpse Cart in that it is on a chariot base, but moves and fights like a monster. May not be joined by characters.
- In the shooting phase, can give any unit within 12" a roll on the Eye of the Gods table
- lets champions gain rolls on the Eye of the Gods table if they kill enemies in challenges

Special characters

- 685 pts
- Mount of the Apocalypse lets him ignore difficult terrain
- there is only 1 version and he is still on his mount. As the Storm of Chaos is being glossed over by GW as more than a little bit silly, there will presumably be no mention of his failure in it.


Valkia the Bloody (female khornate Daemon Prince)

Kolek Suneater (Shaggoth)
- second-oldest Shaggoth
- Strength 8 with 6 attacks and a weapon that does D3 wounds
- several 8s for stats
- can call down a special lightning attack (details unknown)
- attracts lightning spells cast within 12" of him

Sigvald (Slaaneshi Chaos Lord)
-has a mirror shield and can suffer from Stupidity due to looking at himself in it

Wulfrik the Wanderer (Undivided Marauder Hero)
- captain of a magical ship called the Seafang which he said around in. It basically allows him and a unit of Marauders to enter the battle from any table edge, similar to how Dwarf Miners work.

Throk, The Troll King (Troll Hero)
- WS5 S6 T5 W4 A5
- 175 pts
- makes Chaos Trolls a Core unit, even if he's not the army General
- all monstrous units (Ogres, Trolls, Dragon Ogres, Warhounds, Monsters) can use his Ld (of Cool, even if he is not the general AND they can also re-roll break tests
- his vomit attack (called Copious Vomit) does D6 hits at S6 and can also be used as a one-shot S5 breath weapon that also ignores armour saves

Scyla (Khornate Spawn)
- an old special characer from 5th edition
- re-release of existing model
- upgrade for a Spawn, but treated as a character

Vilitch the Curseling (Tzeentch)

Festus the Leechlord (Nurgle)
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Nombre de messages : 98
Age : 32
Localisation : Bruxelles / Ixelles
Date d'inscription : 01/05/2005

MessageSujet: Re: Preview Guerriers du Chaos   Sam 13 Sep à 14:33

Bon, dans l'ensemble, ça va encore. C'est du très lourd, mais c'est beaucoup moins mobile qu'avant avec les deux unités de volants.

Par contre:

Citation :
Chaos Gifts
These are in ADDITION to the points a character can spend on magic items, very much like Vampire Powers work. Not know exactly what they do.
Y en a MARRE de voir ce genre d'aberrations. Dans le genre "j'te fais un kéké intuable, qui roxxxe sa mère et qui vaut le quart de mon armée", c'est bingo. Ça ne fait que creuser encore un peu plus la différence entre les héros et les troupes; bonjour la subtilité. Sans oublier ces armées qui ne ressemblent à rien avec 4 persos et 4 unités autour.

Pffff... Il est loin, le début de la V6...
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Nombre de messages : 185
Age : 37
Localisation : Ath, c'est pas "si loin".
Date d'inscription : 12/08/2005

MessageSujet: Re: Preview Guerriers du Chaos   Mar 16 Sep à 12:46

Bah comme tu le dis, le chaos sera moins mobile sans leurs volants qui faisaient tout, il leur restera que des piétons et de la cavalerie, c'est souvent pas trop compliqué à gérer. Et si le chaos veut bourrer magie, il aura une armée de 4 régiments.
Le tir magie (qui devient nettement plus commun aujourd'hui) va leur faire bien mal.
Tout ça ne détrônera pas les démons tongue
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MessageSujet: Re: Preview Guerriers du Chaos   

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Preview Guerriers du Chaos
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